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My Life Story

Hello, I am Luca Tagliaferro, currently New Media Manager at Mercator Media. I have also been Digital Marketing Manager in a startup company for almost 4 years.


I live in the UK but I am from Southern Italy and I have a background in Foreign Languages and Digital Marketing, from the Portsmouth Business School. I have been involved in websites and marketing since 2010.

The Open Blog

This blog has only one objective: approach digital marketing in a scientific way, show real case studies, stats, experiments that confirm or do not confirm theory, hopefully giving insights that are useful for you.

Is This For You?

This blogs is for you if:

  • You are new to digital marketing and look for advice on strategies (you can contact me directly)
  • You do not need convincing that digital marketing works – of course it does ????
  • You are an expert and want to confirm your experience
  • You need a guest post for your blog or a conference speaker for your event

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