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Backed by an extensive inventory of examples, how-to guides and real life examples, this kit delivers all you need to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

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Affiliate Marketing Digital Strategy

The 7 opportunities for finding affiliate marketing niches

john chow

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I believe everyone can agree with me on this statement: there are thousands of possible niche choices, yet, a thousand people before have promoted them and this makes them really competitive. Finding a great niche that is profitable for affiliates can be a daunting step.

How can we even begin to look for the cash cow niche? If you want to find it, you should start looking at different opportunities for discovering a great niche.

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Is brand awareness still an option?

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There are major obstacles to using brand awareness as a marketing objective

Over the past decade marketers have relied on quantity based measurements as a proxy for campaign performance. The volume of impressions, clicks and likes indicates that people see the ads and find them relevant and compelling.

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