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The 7 opportunities for finding affiliate marketing niches

john chow

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I believe everyone can agree with me on this statement: there are thousands of possible niche choices, yet, a thousand people before have promoted them and this makes them really competitive. Finding a great niche that is profitable for affiliates can be a daunting step.

How can we even begin to look for the cash cow niche? If you want to find it, you should start looking at different opportunities for discovering a great niche.

In this article, we will focus on the seven potential opportunities for affiliate marketing niches that you must learn. Once you understand where to find cash cow niches, you can start promoting them as an affiliate.

Here is the list of seven opportunities that we will discuss in detail:

  1. Find opportunities in keywords for organic traffic
  2. Find and solve pain points for your customers
  3. Find your customers’ passions
  4. Identify new, unique products
  5. Promote a famous brand
  6. Find opportunities in affiliate networks
  7. Rely on your own experience


1 – Find opportunities in keywords for organic traffic

Organic traffic is one of the best types of traffic an affiliate can get. If done right, it’s free, targeted and brings lots of volumes. Because affiliates have to make a good margin between investing money and making money in selling products and because paid ads are getting more and more expensive, SEO is one of the must have skills for all affiliates.

Finding opportunities in keywords means looking for search terms that have two elements in common:

● They are high in volumes;
● They are low in competition.

Easy to say, but how can you find keywords with these two elements? Keyword research can be technical so you need to have a very good understanding of how it has to be done.

Example: with my previous affiliate website I have found a niche that I felt had high chances of success thanks to keywords research. So by using this strategy I have found an opportunity to rank well for keywords related to “cloud storage reviews” in Italy.

My affiliate website ranks on top 2 Google positions in Italy for the search terms “cloud storage reviews”.

recensioni cloud storage

2 – Find and solve pain points for your customers

One the reasons finding and solving pain points as niche opportunity is because customers with pain points need to buy a product to solve a problem. And they have to do this quickly. Pain points are all those problems that cause frustration, are time consuming, really expensive or physically painful.

Example: Pro Teeth Guard understood that many people suffer from teeth grind at night. So they produced a product that alleviates this type of pain, which is affordable if compared to the expensive bills from a dentist.
This business offers also an affiliate program with a 25% commission on a product that on average costs $150. This means affiliates can earn $35 per sale, which is much higher than what most affiliate networks offer.

proteethguard affiliates

Another product that solves pain points for customers is Template Monster. Bloggers often do not know how to develop a theme for their website and they have to spend lots of money to pay for a professional developer. Template Monster makes templates quick and easy to download and install into a website and this helps saving money and time.
They offer an affiliate program where affiliates can earn up to 50% on commission for products that cost from $20 to $200 and so you can do the math.

template monster affiliate program


3 – Find your customers’ passions

A research from A.T. Kearney, a consulting company, shows that every year customers pay $450 billion on sport, one passion that million of people follow on TV, practice for real, watch live and for which buy clothes and tools.
Consider scuba diving lovers. Scuba diving is an expensive passion: gadgets, compensators, regulators, octopuses, computers, masks cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Promoting passion products to the right audience can be lucrative, but you need to find the right brand because customers tend to favour a brand and be loyal to it.

Example: LeisurePro is the largest Scuba, Snorkeling and Waterspont ecommerce website online today and it has been around since 1986. They offer their affiliate program on a network called AvantLink.
Also, by promoting LeaisurePro products you can tap into a large choice of brands in this niche, to make sure you can target a larger audience.


Leisurepro affiliates

4 – Identify new, unique products

Some affiliates consider promoting a new product, that no one else promoted before, to be the worst thing an affiliate can do. However, sometimes new products can produce a high revenue because they don’t face any competition.

One of the big challenges affiliate face with new, unique products is that customers spending a lot of time educating customers to the benefits these products offer. This point is important, because educating your audience is key to make them purchase something they have never heard before.

Example: Website builders are simple drag & drop editors that make building a website really easy and quick. They have been around for 3-4 years and offer unique features with lots of benefits to customers. They do not compete with other famous website builders (WordPress, Magento, Shopify) because their target audience is different, less technically skilled.
Jimdo is one example, offering a scalable commission that goes from $15 a sale to $30, depending on the number of sales an affiliate can produce.

jimdo affiliates commissions

5 – Promote a famous brand

As opposed to the previous method, promoting a famous brand means also lots of competition. A competitors’ research approach involves a superior understanding of the brand’s competitors, identifying unique selling points and developing great promotional pieces to convert your audience. This task allow you to differentiate yourself from other affiliates.

Example: Hostgator, a hosting company, offers up to $125 per sale to affiliates which is a huge commission if compared to most niches. Despite being in a super competitive environment such as hosting, Hostgator is a product everyone with needs, one where affiliates make millions in the US. It’s a high converting product and one of the top affiliate programs that can make an affiliate quick bucks in a short period of time.

hostgator affiliate

6 – Find opportunities in affiliate networks

Identifying opportunities in affiliate networks can be easy and lucrative at the same time. This opportunity type involves searching for popular products that can be promoted using affiliate networks. A popular product might be one that has a high conversion rate or is unique but useful for customers, offers a ridiculously high commission or simply is recommended by the network.

Example: Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate networks, founded in 1998 and it offers over 56,000 products in over 200 countries. Clickbank developed a tool to identify the best products to sell, called Gravity Score, which is essentially a calculation of how popular a product is in the last 12 weeks. The higher the number, the better and it can go from as low as 0 to 100.
When you find a product with a gravity score of 50+, then it means you found an opportunity that’s worth promoting.

clickbank gravity score

7 – Rely on your own experience

If you have great expertise in promoting products and services online, this is probably the best way to find niche opportunities. You set the standards high in the market and make it difficult for others to match your digital marketing skills.

Example: John Chow, an expert blogger, used his years of experience in online marketing for promoting products on a commission basis.

john chow



Learning where to find 7 opportunities is a vital step when you try to find the most lucrative niche.

If you have any comment or ask some questions, just write below.

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