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Reviews websites: how to make money even when you sleep…without actually working!

Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Let’s be honest…

You love making money online, don’t you?

And possibly, beside making money online, you might have already tried to be an affiliate…

If so, you are part of those who work as an affiliate, aren’t you?


…so let me guess.


You have sold other companies’ products online, you have started posting on social media about the features of this product and how good it is, perhaps you have written a review on Amazon and attached the affiliate link to it…hoping that someone would click to that link and go the brand’s website, purchase the product and finally you could receive the affiliate commission…

But this has actually never happened.

Nobody clicked on that affiliate link, no leads were created, nobody purchased that product, no pay check for you…

But where did I get it wrong?

You are not the first person to ask this question.

Everyone who does affiliate marketing sooner or later wonders how to make money online by promoting others companies’ products and monetize their efforts.


How do you make money with affiliate marketing?


In this post, I would like to provide some options on how to make money with affiliate marketing from my own experience in working as an affiliate for more than 5 years. I have managed my own blog, where I have written reviews and product descriptions to promote third party companies.

In this post, you will discover the following:

  • How to transform your product promotion into a job (that makes you money when you sleep);
  • The formula that nobody tells you on how to start successful partnerships with companies when promoting their products;
  • Strategies used by professional affiliate marketers to monetize with their blog;
  • How to get extra benefits when promoting someone else’s product or service.

Would you like to step out of the crowd and reach these objectives just like I have done? Good, then keep reading.

Warning: this post is also for companies, not just for individuals!

The strategies described here today are also useful for companies, that can always find this information useful to understand how their affiliates work. So even if you are a company, keep reading because you will discover how people promote your products.


How to transform your product promotion into a job (that makes you money when you sleep)


In the US and English speaking countries in general, the most part of affiliates start this activity spontaneously and quickly.

The reason why everyone starts affiliate marketing is because they want to make money and promote a product that they think it’s useful to have.

There aren’t many affiliates who started with a strategy in mind, setting up objectives, making this activity a proper business.

But like every other online activity, there is a period of trial…that is not longer than 1 month, in some cases even less, 2 weeks. If you see results within 1 month, then you keep going, otherwise you drop it.

Being an affiliate means doing lots of different things:

  • Find the proper product with good conversion rates;
  • Calculating profits and losses;
  • Writing product descriptions;
  • Attaching affiliate links to every product review;
  • Promote your own descriptions and reviews;
  • Interact with social media and other bloggers;
  • Build a website and bring traffic to it.

In 1 month, you should be able to understand whether these activities are right for you. You also have to understand if you can do all of them or just a few and for how long (once a week or more often?)


Why would you promote someone else’s product?


The success of your affiliate marketing activity doesn’t come from how you do it, what you promote and when, but from who you are promoting to…your audience.

I am not talking about volumes here (which are also important, but don’t get too stressed about them), but about quality.

At what stage do you realize that affiliate marketing is working for you?

  • When people thank you for making them discover a new product;
  • When companies start to approach you, and ask you to promote their products.

Then it means you are becoming popular, authoritative. This means things are getting serious.

That’s the moment in which, those who started as a hobby then ask himself:


now what? 

Now the going gets tough, there is a decision to take, you need to understand your weaknesses and strengths and you must choose between the following:

  • If you want to become a professional affiliate, you need to buy a domain name, write decent reviews of your products, inform people of what you do and become a one stop shop website that offers constant advice on new products and services; you need a logo and lots, lots of information to provide to potential customers.
  • Or you can stop moving forward and stay still, just the way you are.

Without any problems, no hard feelings. You can still promote a product occasionally, put a new product in front of your friends and family.

Basically, you get the smallest piece of the cake.

If big companies contacted you to start promoting their products, it means you are really good in what you do, it means you stand out of the crowd, whose promotions last 1 day and don’t produce any result for anyone.

You need to move quickly, take your pyjama off, put some smart clothes on and welcome visitors in your virtual home:


Your reviews website.

Thanks to the new suit, your business can start and a new world of opportunities will be welcoming you.

A world that is not easy, that is very competitive.

It’s a competitive world, where you can’t network with other affiliates and there is too much focus on creating money making machines. However, in the affiliate marketing world, there is space for everyone.

Because the Internet belongs to everyone.

You don’t have to please everyone, it’s just enough if you choose your niche market, your own followers and the game is started.

But, most of all, you must be committed. If there is something I have learned myself in these 5 years of affiliate marketing is that commitment bring results.

What type of commitment?

  • Be persuasive
  • Write detailed reviews
  • Answer people’s queries and questions. All these aspects are very much appreciated by organizations that approach you because they show you know your game and you are available to solve people’s problems.

But let’s talk about how to generate a revenue from partnerships with companies, by promoting them on your reviews website.

First of all, we need to differentiate two types of revenue:

  • Direct revenue
  • Indirect revenue


Direct affiliate revenue


It’s the type of revenue that brings you money directly into your bank account.

Without much ado.

You basically provide a service followed by:

  • A receipt for the performance (the minimum amount will depend upon the fiscal rules within your country);
  • Invoice (if you have a VAT)

…and the client pays you.


Money. Cash.


Obviously, the amount is proportional to the numbers and volumes and at some point, you will discover that you can’t go over that amount, unless you have a team of people that work for you and you can aim at higher targets (which means $50,000 a month and over).

How do you monetize a review website to get a direct revenue?

There are many ways to monetize your reviews website. I have written a lot about it on this post.

Some of the services you will offer can lead to more permanent relationships or, at least, long term ones.

This is how you can monetize your reviews website:

  • Blog posts: you can get paid for writing and publishing a post about a product or a topic, which includes the affiliate link to the client’s website. These are, in most cases, the easiest ways to get paid directly into your bank account. Can I give you an advice? Accept those offers only if they are relevant to your audience/ topic; there is the risk you lose your credibility, otherwise.
  • Banner: this is a good option when your got volumes on your website. Normally the click through rate is very low, so it makes sense publishing some banners only if you have a large audience.
  • Real affiliations. You receive a commission for each conversion that you produced from your review website. It depends on the type of commission, you can earn more or less. I have written extensively about how to set up a strategy on this post.
  • Writing reviews for other websites. There are many websites out there that outsource reviews to external consultants and affiliates. If you are good in writing, you will get noticed and you can join their staff to work remotely. You can share your experiences about products and get some benefits for your own website, like increasing your social followers, since you will share your posts on your accounts.
  • Attend conferences and trainings days. If you get invited to an event or a conference you can speak about affiliate marketing, where you will be asked to talk about a specific topic within the industry. You can request a payment for the job, like a participation fee.
  • Sell eBooks, info products. If you are a real expert in your area you can do like I am doing here, open your own blog and sell your own eBook. You won’t get much money from them, but you get a lot of exposure and all the benefits I have talked about above will be amplified because of the eBook.
  • Brand ambassador. When you are expert in a niche market, companies can appoint you brand ambassador or testimonial. You can test their products before they are launched into the market and tell your experience on the web. Obviously we are talking about paid jobs and if you add conferences, banners, reviews, you can get to a decent level of revenue!


I would say it’s not bad, isn’t it?


Now to the direct revenue, you can add the indirect one too.


Indirect affiliate revenue


Indirect revenues are benefits.

Affiliates are often given certain bonuses, including the following:

  • Free products and services;
  • Occasional gifts;
  • Free hotel and trips to attend conferences.

Me personally, I do not have time for those trips as I got a family and I tend to decline all invitations. However, with time, I have developed a strategy myself that allows me to make money online even when I sleep.

You just need to have a clear project in your mind that you can pitch to:

  • eCommerce companies;
  • People responsible for the marketing of some companies;

Since we are talking about a very specific niche that only few people talked about, I have decided to product an eBook myself, which is a 120 pages book that explain step by step the right strategy for an affiliate (and also for a company) to build their own affiliate activity.

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