Tourist Visa Invitation

What is a Tourist Invitation to Russia?

Here is a simple explanation: this is a visa that invites you to the country. Typically, such invitations are issued by hotels. Such a tourist invitation is a sign for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the visitor will stay in Russia for a specific period of time, his or her accommodation is already arranged, and there should be no problems with the visitor. To process a Russia tourist visa, the tourist invitation letter is required.

Who Can Issue Tourist Invitations?

A hotel in Russia where you will stay can issue an invitation letter inviting you to the country. Also, any authorized Russian tour operator can issue invitations. The invitation can be free, but more often a hotel will require a small deposit for that. Importantly, homestaying services like Airbnb or Homeaway cannot invite you to Russia.

How to Get Russian Visa Invitation?

送彩金38元不限idTo get an invitation for a Russian visa, you need an invitation letter. The format of the letter is pretty much standard. Typically, this is a two-part document:

  1. Tourism invitation voucher. This part contains your personal information, the city you are visiting, and the proof that you paid for your accommodation in Russia.
  2. Confirmation of receipt. This letter contains a confirmation of the hotel that you have reserved a room there. This is required so that local authorities know where you will stay.

Note that if you plan to stay in multiple hotels (for instance, if your tourist trip involves visiting several cities in Russia), you will need to get an invitation letter from each such hotel.

Russian National Group has already assisted thousands of U.S. and EU citizens in receiving tourist visa invitation. We will be glad to help you get a tourist visa too!

What is the Cost of Tourist Visa Invitation?

送彩金38元不限idA tourist invitation letter costs commonly revolve around 50-100 USD depending on the tourist operator and the nationality of a visitor. Visa invitation for European citizens or U.S. residents costs less in comparison with visitors from “risky” countries like China or African countries.

Please follow the instructions below to receive your Russian Tourist Visa Invitation online. With this document you can apply for a Russian entry visa in the nearest Russian consulate.


VISA INVITATION AND VOUCHER: You will need the Visa Support Invitation and Voucher – document to enable you to obtain a Russian Visa.CITIES: Enter the main cities that you intend to visit and stay in overnight.DATE OF ENTRY AND DEPARTURE: The dates your Russian visa valid for: You can’t enter Russia before your “Date of Entry” and you can’t stay after your “Date of Departure”HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: Our system will try to send your Russian Visa invitation within 30 minutes, unless any errors are found in the information you submit.INVITATION REQUEST FORM: Completely fill-out this form. All items on the form must be completed in full, giving particular attention to your entry and exit dates into and out of Russia.NOTE: If you are applying for the invitation only, you may just fill out the request form and e-mail or fax your passport copy to us. If you are also going to apply for Russian tourist visa from us, you can mail your original passport along with the rest of the required paperwork.NOTE: Once the request has been submitted, no refund will be issued.
NOTE: At the moment we do not process the tourist invitations for the citizens of the following countries: Algeria, Benin, Congo. Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


RateFeesProcessing time
RATE A Citizens of America, Australia and Oceania, EU, Japan, Singapore, S.Korea$50Same business day
RATE B Citizens of Asia and S.Africa$70
RATE C Citizens of all other countries$100